Food Pantry

The pantry program's goal is to maintain the health and living situation of those individuals and families most affected by poverty to prevent homelessness. Participants can include those needing a one-time supply of nutritious food, those struggling to avoid homelessness, and those successfully gaining independence from having been homeless. This is delivered by providing seven days of balanced, nutritious food that is reflective of the USDA "My Plate" guidelines. The pantry program allows individuals and families to use their limited income to pay rent, utilities, or other expenses which prevents homelessness.

The food pantry, which is located at 549 N H Street in Fremont, is open to the public every Tuesday from 10am-2pm, Wednesday from 4pm-6pm, Thursday from 5-7pm and may be accessed outside of normal pantry hours in the case of an emergency.

When a participant accesses the food pantry, while not required, they are asked to show a photo ID and a recent piece of mail delivered to their home address within the last thirty days. CCLH's procedure is to provide participants a full-size food box every thirty days, plus two extras throughout the year. In the case of a sudden unforeseen situation, program participants may receive additional food as needed through our emergency food boxes.